About Us

  • BGS Energy Services is a leading Global provider of products

    BGS Energy Services is a leading Global provider of products, innovative technologies and services for Oil and Gas Industry.

  • Our primary focus

    The primary focus of BGS Energy Services is the Customer. We strive to aid our Customers in maximizing the value of the reservoir in various stages of its lifespan and minimizing the costs related to its exploration, Drilling, Production and maintenance.

  • Our experties

    Our expertise with managing geology and geophysics data, Drilling Management using innovative tools, bringing ground-breaking solutions for pipeline and process precommissioning and/ or maintenance, serving permanently installed as well as inspecting new units, earned BGS Energy services a solid reputation among Contractors and Operators in Oil and Gas industry.

  • Our team

    Our team is dedicated to responding immediately to the needs of our clients and providing a customized solution with minimal downtime. The multidisciplinary skillsets of our team members enable us to offer services in numerous disciplines, thus allowing our Customers to choose among particular services or specially designed and Customer-oriented service packages. We are wholly committed to safe, time- and cost-effective completion of the projects.

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