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Complex fracking operations demand real-time data analysis and decision support. With BGS/Corva’s advanced analytics, your team can optimize every lateral and stage, prevent frac hits, and keep trucks pumping longer..

Optimizing Frac Performance with BGS/Corva


Pumping Optimization

With tight time tables and costly frac units, minimizing flat time across your operation is imperative. BGS/Corva’s real-time analytics automatically analyze NPT and generate valuable inputs for crews to continuously improve, keep trucks pumping 100% of the time, and complete more stages in a day.


Completion Activity Monitoring

A clear and current view of completion activity across fleets requires consistent access to reliable rig metrics. BGS/Corva’s automated frac activity detection gives your team instant access to the latest completion events and issues, delivering the timely information your team needs to track operations fleetwide.


Offset Well Performance Analysis

BGS/Corva brings historical completion data together in real-time, giving your team a powerful tool to optimize completion design and performance. By tracking offset material usage and KPIs, BGS/Corva helps you rapidly compare wells and identify the best-in-class parameters that yield optimal fracking performance.


Real-Time Frac Hit Monitoring

Infill drilling, tight well spacing, and longer laterals require continuous monitoring of offset wells to avoid the safety and economic risks posed by frac hits. Leveraging offset well pressures, BGS/Corva gives operators unprecedented capabilities to monitor and rapidly respond to potentially hazardous interwell pressure communication in real-time.


Drilling & Geomechanical Data Analysis

A precise view of rock fabric variability within a pay zone and stage is critical to tailoring hydraulic fracturing. BGS/Corva’s automated physics-based models and real-time analytics leverage MWD data to recommend optimal landing zones for each lateral and optimize hydraulic fracturing treatments for every stage.


Pump Your Data for Insights with BGS/Corva's Real-Time Analytics and Decision Support Framework for Fracking Operations

Real-Time Pumping


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Completion KPIs

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With BGS/Corva, your team will drill faster without sacrificing bit life, avoid costly hazards, and optimize every stage with a growing suite of more than 80 apps. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself why Corva is the leading real-time analytics platform for drilling and completions. Schedule a personalized demonstration now!

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