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Drilling Management Services


Our extended support assured achieving all targets within acceptable tolerances, better placement with maximum reservoir exposure and longest well accessibility

Execution services include

    • OnSite drilling operations supervision
    • Operations HSE supervision
    • Drilling fluids onsite engineer and / or office daily review
    • Cementing design review and engineering review
    • Cementing evaluation and remedial options required
    • Casing running, make up and casing integrity services
    • Rig safety inspection services and actions proper close out
    • Design daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports design and all well recaps
    • Formation testing and evaluation
    • Design and follow up all performance and data management KPI
    • Well achieving procedures
    • Problem solving & analysis
    • Well workover and trouble shooting
    • Well control evaluation
    • Emergency response management
    • Failures investigation and root cause analysis RCA
    • Operational training - all levels
    • Safety services
    • Well integrity standards
    • Well logging program
    • Completion fluids design
Petroleum industry

Drilling Management Services

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