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Increase your drilling I.Q.

A single rig can transmit up to a terabyte of data a day. Are your drilling engineers and wellsite superintendents able to quickly view and identify the most useful information? Thanks to BGS/Corva’s capabilities, they can.

Top Use Cases for BGS/Corva’s Drilling Analytics


Hazard Avoidance

BGS/Corva's cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform empowers companies to monitor predicted and actual engineering results to capture real-time divergence and hazard identification. Identifying pack-offs, directional accuracy and tool health has never been easier. Sign up for instant notifications via email, SMS, or our mobile app.


Performance Optimization

BGS/Corva provides fully customizable views and user-specified warnings to help operators improve drilling efficiency without the extensive implementation challenges posed by many initiatives. Drilling engineers, superintendents and asset managers are additionally equipped with the data and analytics they need to manage performance in real time.


Operational Analytics and KPIs

BGS/Corva's apps and dashboards provide more ways to quantify success. With real-time rig and crew performance data at their fingertips, companies can measure and manage to top quartile performance. In being able to deliver quantifiable results, companies have an edge over less sophisticated competitors and position their company as a premier driller.

How BGS/Corva improves drilling operations and cut costs.

  • Driller Roadmap & Offset Well Analysis

    The BGS/Corva platform incorporates existing analytics packages, multiple data sources and custom software modeling, allowing users to better identify trends, problems and inefficiencies.

  • Customizable Warnings and Alarms For Trend Divergence and Hazard Identification

    Ensure optimal use — and less downtime — by leveraging advanced algorithms to set up alarms notifying personnel of key milestones, equipment misuse and malfunction.

Turn-key automated real-time engineering tools validated and calibrated by our 24/7 operation success team

BGS/Corva's data and physics-based engineering tools provide advanced decision-making support. The info is always real-time, so you won't have to worry about keeping it up-to-date.

Torque and Drag


Drilling Efficiency

Directional Assurance

Parameter Comparison

Drilling Analytics

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With BGS/Corva, your team will drill faster without sacrificing bit life, avoid costly hazards, and optimize every stage with a growing suite of more than 80 apps. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself why Corva is the leading real-time analytics platform for drilling and completions. Schedule a personalized demonstration now!

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