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Pipeline and Process Services (PPS)

Flow Management Services

It is crucial to maintain efficient operation while transporting either liquid or Gaseous hydrocarbons by maintaining a clean Pipeline which helps in minimizing driving pressure, associated safety risks, maximize flow and increase system longevity, enhance system reliability, ultimately improve operating profitability.

Cleaning pipeline could be achieved by applying either chemical or mechanical cleaning or both together and would include Paraffin Wax Removal, Scale Removal, Debris Removal.

Our Flow Management Capabilities Include

    • Chemical cleaning
    • Gel and mechanical pigging
    • High pressure jetting
    • Intrusive intervention service
    • De-Commissioning cleaning service
    • Change of service cleaning
    • Debris removal
    • Combined cleaning services
    • Project engineering

Pipeline and Process Services (PPS)

Flow management serices

Provision of equipment and personnel

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