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Pipeline and Process Services (PPS)

Process Services

BGS Energy Services’ impressive technology base and team of highly experienced and trained personnel enables us to provide a single-source Project Management service, reducing manpower, equipment and contract management costs, as well as guaranteeing reduced risks, maximized efficiencies and increased safety. By utilizing a BGS Energy Services integrated project team, the concept of Single-Source Accountability is captured, creating a sense of ownership and a “right first time” work attitude.

Chemical Cleaning

The purpose of the chemical cleaning is to remove fouling deposits by the action of chemical application to improve heat transfer, prevent damage, increase efficiency, remove corrosion, remove flow restrictions and improve produced production and could be done through conversion, dissolution or modification of physical properties of the deposit


High-Pressure Jetting

  • Foulant Removal
    • Hand Lancing
    • Line Moles
    • Heat Exchanger Bundle Cleaning
    • Water Knife
    • Coating Removal
  • Cold Cutting
    • Metal
    • Concrete

Hot Oil Flushing

Could be done to clean Decontaminated hydraulic systems: lube oil, seal oil, control hydraulics, subsea controls, umbilical prior to initial commissioning or following shutdown maintenance


System Inerting

Utilized during Shutdown and Start up to reduce hydrocarbon or hazardous system content levels to safe limits prior to intervention/shutdown activities and to reduce oxygen levels to a safe limit prior to the introduction of hydrocarbon, hazardous or sensitive


Foam Inerting

  • Provide Gaseous Nitrogen in Stable, Visible Form
  • Producing Inert Atmosphere allowing “Hot Work” to be Performed

Helium Leak Detection

  • Cost Effective Method for Leak Detection
  • Simulates “Live” Gas Conditions
  • Leak Detection Performed After Hydrotest
  • No Need to Remove Instrumentation
  • Forms an Integral Part of the Hook-Up Program

Machining Services


Camera Inspection

Camera inspection services are used in various applications from inspecting the cleanliness of new pipe work to checking existing Pipe work for any build-up of wax or scales on the internal pipe wall surface. It is also used to check the integrity of the internal coating on process vessels and inspection of baffle plate on gas coolers to ensure that there is no corrosion.


Pipeline and Process Services (PPS)

Process Services

Provision of equipment and personnel

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