Real Time Data

An entire oilfield’s worth of data in a single dashboard? we makes it possible. This pioneering technology is all part of our push to transform how the oil & gas sector use deep insights to drive better outcomes. By combining industry veterans, leading technologists and bleeding-edge tech, we’ve been able to deliver what others haven’t — real-time, interactive reporting on any device, in any location.

BGS/Corva is a cloud-based integrated Drilling and Completions Platform that equips companies with the data and analytics they need to manage operational performance in real time. Featuring a suite of over 60 Drilling-specific and over 25 Completions-specific applications, BGS/Corva is the industry’s most diverse ecosystem of purpose-built engineering tools found on a single workspace.

  • All-in-one solutionThe BGS/Corva platform incorporates existing analytics packages, multiple data sources and custom software modeling, allowing users to better identify trends, problems and inefficiencies.
  • Actionable mobile interfaceWith BGS/Corva, companies can deliver reliable information directly to mobile devices. Field workers can then interact with this visualized data and take action as needed.
  • Improved accuracyBGS/Corva minimizes the unreliable data that affects calculations by employing filtering and performing QA. This allows users to trust what they’re seeing.
  • Increased collaborationBGS/Corva enables teams to chat and make annotations directly on the data. With no restrictions on the number of users, each individual will be able to tap into the group’s collective expertise.

One Big Customizable Dashboard

Optimize your workflow with customizable dashboards powered by real-time data. Unlike other well-delivery solutions, BGS/Corva offers a unified platform built on the cloud that enables unprecedented scalability and cost-efficiency while driving tangible results

At a glance, get complete visibility into rig operations fleetwide with nearly 100 KPIs for active wells and offsets – batch drilling and extended reach, land, and offshore.

Delivering Measurable Drilling and Completions Value

Drilling Monitoring

At a glance, get complete visibility into rig operations fleetwide with nearly 100 KPIs for active wells and offsets – batch drilling and extended reach, land and offshore

Rig Optimization

Save millions in rig time annually with targeted drilling optimization to eliminate NPT, shave days of connection time, and accelerate ROP while extending bit life

Hazard Avoidance

An arsenal of apps, algorithms, and alerts provide invaluable insight into washouts, twists offs, kicks, surge, swab, and screen outs

Real-Time Completions Platform

Keep your plug, perf, and frac operations running like clockwork with Corva’s data accelerator that streams real time insights for completions and crews.

Completions Analytics

Easily track the most complex zipper fracs, ensure plug and cluster placement, adjust treatments with MWD data, and optimize expensive frac fluid usage.

Real-Time Drillouts

Purpose built apps and analytics for workover rig operations give your team new capabilities to track and improve drillout torque and drag, tripping, connections, and more.

Meters Drilled39+MILLION
Wells Completed12200+
D&C Egineering100+Apps
Processed Daily4+TBs

Take Corva Anywhere

Apple or Android, Phone or Tablet

Available through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the BGS/Corva Mobile App delivers a rich user experience with real-time drilling data, dashboards, apps, activity Feed, and push notifications.


Monitor Drilling by Exception

BGS/Corva enables your team to make decisions in real-time with Alerts that are custom-built to your organization’s needs. Our powerful alerts engine leverages your real-time data and advanced algorithms to trigger alert notifications 24/7. Each notification triggers the creation of a custom-built dashboard with apps containing associated data giving you a snapshot of the event. Alerts are also automatically populated in the BGS/Corva Feed, so you can keep the conversation going with your teams whether in the office or on location